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Thank you for visiting our website!  We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves:  We are a Voice (telephone) and Data company located in SW Florida.  We service telephone systems and networking hardware in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties in Florida.  We can also work with other vendors in other areas to connect offices together.

What we do

Our website includes information about various telecommunications products that a normal business would use to keep in contact with their customers, including a telephone system.  We can provide various types of systems to fit the demand of the business and how they communicate.  The simple analog line/digital telephone system is still very popular but is being replaced with either a full VOIP system or a hybrid of the two.

Other Information

  • There are many accessories that go along with a good communications system.  From recording to providing a message to customers on hold, the accessories can provide many functions:
  • Your communications system may be as simple as a cordless phone and an answering machine.  But as your company grows your needs for larger more efficient systems will also grow.

    We at A Plus are here to assist you in making a wise decision as to what you need to communicate.

    Please go to our CONTACT page for assistance for any of your communications needs. 

Telephone System Sales & Service
  •LAN Cabling
  •Fiber Optic Cabling
  •Voicemail Systems
  •Paging Systems
  •Message on Hold
  •Surge Protection
  •Conference Phones
  •Cost Accounting Systems
  •System-wide Recording
  •Multi-location integration
  •Call Center Software